Baldur's Great! Poorly Translated Mod (v1)

Created over hours of tampering with shoddy Python code and rate-limited language APIs, this mod is sure to spice up your next playthrough of the beloved Baldur (Greatly Enhanced Edition)! This is a mod for the base game of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. To install this mod, simply rename the dlc folder in your game directory if present to avoid loading SoD and replace the lang/en_US/dialog.tlk file with one of our incredible alternatives.

To create this mod, we converted TLK files to TRA via WeiDU, used a custom parser to extract the TRA into a Google-Translatable plaintext, converted that to Word, and then went English to Thai to Swahili to Hawaiian to English (which properly butchered the text). The v1 file is an alignment by hand (took a few hours) with some heuristics that make it half-decent to use -- most things aren't completely nonsensical, though there might be some parts missing here and there. Bugfixes to the v1 variant may address this issue. In the v0 file, the offsets of dialog are horribly screwed up and hardly aligned at all. v0 is the best for maximum obtuse nonsense, but be warned that it has less translations over all, since the script only patches over the original as much as possible.

Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns to baldursgreat {at} musitraynes {dot} com.

Last updated: May 19, 2022; BG:EE Patch 2.6.6


V1 -- The hand-aligned, mostly-playable variant

V0 -- The highly-automated, nonsensical variant


V1 / Aligned

V0 / Unaligned